Founded in 2005, Advanced Operations Partners (formerly Harthan Consulting Group) is a strategic and operations management consulting firm founded by Charles (Chuck) Harthan, a former Principal at A.T. Kearney, one of the world’s leading operations consulting firms.  Advanced Operations Partners services small to medium size companies and business units of large enterprises striving to transform operational performance to meet their strategic goals. We leverage our training and experience consulting for some of the biggest companies in the world and apply these learnings, techniques and proven methodologies to businesses that cannot justify hiring much larger consulting firms.  Advanced Operations Partners works with clients from a wide range of industries to fundamentally transform their operating models by understanding primary business drivers of profit and operating performance, improving processes and organizational capabilities, and generating sustainable breakthrough results.


Our philosophy is simple: as your markets, products and services change and evolve, operational excellence must be achieved and maintained to compete and win. Whether your operations are preventing top-line growth or sagging the bottom-line, Advanced Operations Partners specializes in transforming your internal operations to reach business objectives. Our experience reveals your business processes, policies, organizational structure and performance management systems could individually or collectively restrict your company’s ability to achieve the highest levels of operational excellence, resulting in sub-par financial results. Advanced Operations Partners will systematically root-out the fundamental sources limiting performance, mobilize an internal working team to generate the transformation agenda and initiatives, and orchestrate implementation to sustain financial benefits.


We leverage our training and experience consulting for some of the biggest companies in the world and apply this learning and proven methodologies to yield a higher return on consulting investment.  Advanced Operations Partners consultants work with all levels of management, including front-line personnel as necessary, to accelerate business plans by boosting performance in core operational areas such as sales, manufacturing, procurement, R&D, and service operations.